Knit Pro – Cables for Interchangeable Needles



If you bought interchangeable needle tips of the Knit Pro brand, you will need some cables to create your needles!

Whatever range of the brand you chose, you are on the right page. Indeed, their cables are compatible with whatever Knit Pro needle tips you have, for example the Ginger ones, or the Smart Stix ones.

Another advantage on the other brands of interchangeable needles: here, there is no difference according to the size of the needle! Whether you use 3.5 mm needles, or 9 mm ones, you can use the same cables. Something less to keep in mind!

As for their use, Knit Pro cables are just like their needle tips: well-balanced. Not too rigid and not too flexible, they are sturdy enough to follow you in every project. Plus, even if they can stay twisted when you take them out of storage, they are resilient and quickly straighten themselves… and stay this way.

The cables are available in 7 lengths: 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm.


Note: just like their competitors, Knit Pro gives lengths that take into account the needle tips (about 10 cm per tip). It means that the announced length is the one of the entire needle. So for 60 cm, you will actually have a 40 cm cable. And depending on the type of needle tips you use (short or long), the total length will vary.

Knit Pro’s cables for interchangeable circular needles are available in black, in a range of colours (yellow for the 40 cm, blue for the 50 cm, green for the 60 cm, orange for the 80 cm and red for the 100 cm), in a reddish brown tint (that goes with the Ginger range) or with the specific marking of the Smart Stix range (that will help you keep track of your WIP measurements, neat, right?). It is up to you to choose which cable you want to use, as they are actually compatible with all the ranges of the brand. Each set contains a cable, a tightening key and two cable stoppers (to keep your stitches on hold on your current cable).

With their excellent value for money and varied ranges, Knit Pro is one of the favourite brand amongst the circular knitting fans. And we have quite a choice of their products if you want to complete your collection 😉