Knit Pro – Deluxe Zing Interchangeable Circular Needles Set


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You find the Symfonie Deluxe set interesting, but you would rather like metallic needle tips? Welcome on this page! Indeed, Knit Pro’s Zing interchangeable circular needles is the counterpart of the Symfonie one, albeit with aluminium needle tips. 

This set offers exactly the same needle sizes and accessories. So it also is a perfect beginner set. Whether you want to try your hand at knitting in the round, or as a starting point to your future needles collection, you will love it! 

You will find in this set the needle sizes that are the most used, but this time in beautiful jewel tones. Each needle size has its own colour. A good way to find the one you need easily once you learnt to know them! And in the meantime, their size is laser-engraved directly on the tips, so that they will not fade with use. No need to take your needle gauge out!

These smooth and well-balanced needle tips are associated with the cables of the brand. Made of nylon, these ones are not too flexible and not too rigid. Plus, thanks to the provided tightening keys, you can make sure to assemble them solidly. No more unexpected unscrewing in the middle of a row! And it will guarantee that your stitches flow smoothly along the whole needle.

The Deluxe Zing set contains:

  • 8 pairs of aluminium needle tips, in the following sizes: 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm;
  • 4 cables, in the following length*: 60 cm, 80 cm (x2) and 100 cm;
  • 4 tightening keys;
  • 1 set of cable connectors, to put together two cables and have a longer length;
  • 8 stitch stoppers, to put your stitches on hold directly on your cable;
  • 1 zipped needles organizer, in red and marine blue fabric, with camel interior.

If you are looking for a set of interchangeable knitting needles, with metallic tips, and with an excellent value for money, this Knit Pro Deluxe Zing set is a good bet. And if you are sold to it, and have the soul of a musician, you may want to have a look at the Melodies of Life box set! 😉

*The given length is in fact the average length of a complete needle. So if you read “80 cm”, you will actually receive a 60 cm cable, on which will come 2 needle tips.

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