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Your youngest one just cannot bear anymore to see you use their bed every time you need to block a big project? Knit Pro’s modular blocking mat will help you bring peace back in the family!

Indeed, it can sometimes be complicated to find enough place to block the last shawl or wrap that fell off your needles. This type of project takes up a bit more room than a small accessory or even a sweater. But thanks to these foam tiles, that can be put together like a puzzle, you will be able to create a custom-made blocking area, on demand, even for your biggest or longest projects. Plus, they are water-repellant: it helps to dispel moisture and so the fabrics dry more quickly.

Another key point: the density and the thickness of the foam of this blocking mat allow you to pin your projects easily… And, more important, the pins stay where you put them! You must admit that there is nothing more frustrating than spending an hour (or more) working on opening a beautiful lace pattern just to find half of the pins on the floor later on.

And once your project is finally ready to be put on, you can choose between keeping the mat flat and slip it under a piece of furniture, or put the tiles right back in their bag. Easy to keep it out of the way until next time!

What you need to know about this blocking mat:

  • 9 foam tiles
  • modular: the tiles can be put together just like puzzle pieces to create a mat at the size you need
  • dense and thick foam: your T-pins and/or blockers stay put once pinned in it
  • water-repellant, so that your projects dry faster
  • dimensions: each tile is 30cm x 30cm x 1cm
  • comes in random colours
  • comes in a light plastic bag, easy to store and to keep the dust away

Knit Pro’s blocking mat is thus a really practical item if you knit or crochet projects that needs a lot of shaping. Thanks to it, you will be able to create a convenient space, large enough but also easy to store when not used. You will need to find another excuse to delay the blocking chore! And if you complete your equipment with a set of wires or some blockers, the chore will even become easier 😉

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