Knit Pro – Smart Stix Interchangeable Needle Tips



You tend to forget your notions pouch when you are travel-knitting? You always forget your measuring tape on the table at the other end of the room, when you absolutely need it but have just settled comfortable on the couch? These Smart Stix interchangeable circular needle tips by Knit Pro could well be life-changing!

We do not know if this idea came to Knit Pro’s teams because they were always looking for their notions, but these graduated tips are quite clever. Indeed, the body of these needles is striped, alternating a silvery aluminum band and a colorful one. Each stripe is 2 cm long, so that you always have with you two 10 cm rulers. Quite practical to determine how much knitting you have left, or to measure your gauge swatches (if you are on team swatches!).

Made of high quality aluminum, these needle tips are resistant and light-weight. With their perfectly tapered point, they are a good alternative to the ChiaoGoo Red Lace or Hiya Hiya Sharp if you like metallic needles but tend to bruise your finger tips while using them. With the Smart Stix tips, the risk is reduced.

What you need to know about these needle tips:

  • made of high quality aluminum;
  • with colour stripes, different for each needle size. Each stripe measures 2 cm, so that you can use your needle tips as a ruler;
  • from 3 to 8 mm;
  • length: 11.5 cm.

Knit Pro’s Smart Stix interchangeable needle tips are not only a curiosity, but they also are really practical! You will say that 10 cm is not enough? How do you measure the body of a sweater with something that small? Well, you just have to put a removable stitch marker every 10 cm, and voila! You will always know where you are!

These needle tips have to be used with the brand’s cables. And if you like them, and need to buy several sizes, we also offer two sets: one in an elegant silver and white vegan leather case and the other in a cute little binder-type bag!