Knit Pro Swift – Wooden, Natural



Enough of tangling your yarn skeins every time you want to make cakes with them? You definitely need a yarn swift, and Knit Pro’s might become your best asset in this game!

Indeed, a swift keeps a skein in place while you transform it into delicious cakes (of yarn). This one is an umbrella-type one. You can adjust the opening of its arms to the size needed to hold securely your skeins. Plus, with its sturdy base, once clamped, you can spin it all you like, it will not budge!

Made of birchwood, this swift is not only pratical, it is also quite a beautiful object. With its two tones of natural wood, it could even go unnoticed in your home decoration 😉 The two tones of wood comes from the different treatment it has received: Knit Pro used both plain and melamine birchwood.

But you can also use this swift to do the opposite operation. In fact, thanks to a small handle on its top, you will be able to re-skein yarn cakes very quickly. It is particularly handy when you unravel a project! This way you can re-skein your yarn as you go. You will only have to soak the resulting skeins to uncurl the yarn and store it once it is dry, waiting to be knitted again.

Some technical information:

  • height: 71 cm;
  • diameter: up to 48 cm;
  • circumference: up to 152 cm;
  • width of the clamp: up to 4 cm.

If you often buy yarn in the form of skeins, Knit Pro swift will soon become a must-have. Use it with a ball winder, whether a wooden ou a plastic one, and you have the perfect setting to quickly wind your yarn in pretty cakes. You will never spend hours trying to untangle a mess of knots anymore… And instead use this precious time to work on your WIPs!

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