Knit Pro – Wooden Ball Winder


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You are not a fan of all things plastic, yet you still would like a bit of help to wind your yarn skeins in balls? Knit Pro’s wooden ball winder may do the trick!

Handcrafted, this winder is made of birchwood, both solid and laminated. Massive and sturdy, it is fitted with rubber pads that give it steadiness, all the while protecting your furniture. Plus, its anti-friction bearings guarantee a fluid and smooth motion. And because of its size, it can take up to 450 grams of fingering weight yarn!

Our tip: place your swift (or whatever you use to hold your skein) at about 1.50m of the winder. If possible, pinch your yarn lightly between two fingers a few centimeters from the metal thread guide. This way, you keep a uniform tension while you make your cake, to obtain a tidy ball of yarn. Be careful to not wind your yarn at full speed too! It would stretch the yarn, and alter it, above all if you do not use it immediately after winding it.

What you need to know about this ball winder:

  • handcrafted in birchwood
  • features anti-friction bearings for a smooth winding
  • fitted with a clamp to be put anywhere you might need it
  • fitted with rubber pads to guarantee its steadiness and protect your furniture
  • to wind skeins up to 450 grams of fingering weight yarn
  • dimensions: length: 45 cm, width: 13 cm, height: 26 cm

Knit Pro’s wooden ball winder will help you change your skeins in beautiful yarn cakes! Sturdy, the warm touch of the wood makes it a pleasure to use. Actually, its rotating movement, fluid and smooth, has a kind of meditative feel…

And to really make your life easier, think about using a swift with it. Indeed, with this association, winding skeins will be a real treat, a part of your knitting experience. You will find some of them in the “Wind and block” part of our website!

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