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Winding your yarn skeins in cakes ranks high in the list of chores-you-would-rather-not-do? Just try to do it with this ball winder by Knit Pro!

Indeed, thanks to this plastic tool, making cakes will become a child’s game. You will be able to cast on your next project in no time at all!

To get tidy cakes of yarn, we recommend that you set up your ball winder at a distance of at least 1.5m from your yarn swift (or whatever you use as one). Slip the end of your yarn through the thread guide, and wedge it in the notches you can see on the winder’s cone. Begin with a few slow turns of the handle to trap safely the yarn’s end. And when you begin to wind faster, pinch lightly the yarn between two fingers, a few centimeters from the thread guide. This way, you can keep a regular tension. And if there is a knot in your skein, you will feel it under your fingers. No more bad surprise while knitting!

Our tip: to get an even result, you have to keep the same winding speed. Don’t try to go too fast, or you will stretch your yarn.

What you need to know about this ball winder:

  • made of sturdy plastic
  • to wind skeins up to 100 grams
  • fitted with a fixing clamp and a thread-guide
  • maximum opening of the fixing clamp: 4 cm
  • dimensions: height: 20 cm, length: 13 cm, width: 9 cm

Knit Pro’s plastic ball winder is really a helpful tool! It will help you gain a lot of time on the winding of your skeins. And we all know that the less time spent on this, the more time we have to knit 😉

Not a big fan of plastic? Knit Pro also offers a wooden version of this tool, that you can find here. Use ont or the other in association with a yarn swift, and you will have the perfect combination to make quickly and easily tidy little cakes of yarn, without having to deal with a mess of knots.

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