Knit Pro – Zing Interchangeable Needle Tips



You like your circular needles with metallic tips, and you want a bit of whimsy? Knit Pro Zing interchangeable needle tips, with their pretty finish, will put a bit of colour in your knitting life!

Indeed, these aluminum tips catch the eye thanks to their jewel tones. Each size has its own colour, so that, once you know them well, you will identify them easily. And in the meantime, no need to go searching for your needle gauge: their size is laser-engraved on them!

Apart from this specificity, the Zing needle tips have all the characteristics that make a good pair of interchangeable needles. Light-weight and sturdy, you can use them for hours without feeling any fatigue. Plus, when paired with the cables of the brand, their satin-smooth finish helps your stitches to slip smoothly and seamlessly while you knit.

Note: if you like metallic needles and have the habit to push them with your fingers, these ones are less sharp than the Hiya Hiya Sharp ou ChiaoGoo Red Lace. So they might be better suited to your needs. On the contrary, if you want sharper points, we recommend one of those two brands.

What you need to know about these needle tips:

  • Made of high quality aluminum, one colour per needle size
  • Length: 11.5 cm
  • Available in 12 sizes, from 3 to 8 mm
  • Needle size laser-engraved on each tip
  • To be used with the cable of the brand

With their jewel tones, Knit Pro’s Zing interchangeable needle tips will bring some light in your knitting life!

These needle tips are sold alone. You will also need some cables to work with them, that can be found here. And if you are interested in several sizes, and in several cable lengths, we also offer two sets: the Deluxe set, in a pretty fabric organizer, and the Melodies of Life set, which wooden box will make every music lover happy. And always with Knit Pro’s good value for money!

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