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If the scandinavian aesthetic inspires you, you will love the book Urban Knit by Leeni Hoimela. Thanks to it, you will feel like you are embarking for a journey to Finland!

You will indeed discover knitting patterns that follow all the codes of the nordic design. Timeless basics with a special touch that anchors them firmly in our century, they gave its subtitle to the book: Modern Nordic Patterns. Cardigans, hats, socks, sweaters… Every pattern is elegant in its simple way, with delicate and thoughtful details, comfortable and comforting. You will enjoy wearing them to go out on a walk as well as to stay cocooning at home. After all, this book is published by Cozy Publishing, that must give you a clue as to its content!

Plus, Leeni Hoimela, a lifestyle journalist in everyday life, adds the art of photography to her multiple talents. So, more than a collection of patterns, Urban Knit is a real immersion in the beautiful life of Helsinki. You will discover it through wonderful photos, inspiring calm and serenity. After all, Finland has received the title of “happiest country in the world” in 2020!

What you need to know about this book:

  • 21 knitting patterns to create clothes and accessories: hats, socks, cowls, sweaters, cardigans…
  • designs and photos by Leeni Hoimela, a Finnish designer whom patterns have been featured in magazines such as Laine or Making Stories
  • a typically nordic atmosphere and aesthetic, with beautiful photos taken in Helsinki and its surroundings
  • written in English
  • 191 pages
  • hard cover

With the Urban Knit book, Leeni Hoimela gives you an opportunity not only to create timeless pieces, easy to fit in your existing wardrobe and to wear, but also to spend some time in peace and quiet, whether knitting them or simply by virtually traveling thanks to the wonderful photos that showcase the patterns. A truly relaxing moment!

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