Kokon – Kidsilk Mohair



You like soft colours on the softest of yarns? You will love  Kokon Yarns’ Kidsilk Mohair!

Just like for every yarn of her brand, Christelle du Plessis has selected high quality fibers. Actually, her mohair comes from the best South African farms, well known for the softness of their fiber. By blending it with just enough silk, she created a shiny and light yarn.

Now, add to this the dyer’s delicate palette. Her pastel colours, almost as if they were muted, are the perfect way to enhance this yarn. Whether you choose to work it on its own, or with another yarn, you are offering yourself a real knitting treat!

Indeed, like all the yarns of this type, this kidsilk mohair is very versatile. You can make a light-weight shawl of it, using one or two strands. But you can also combine it with any other yarn to create wonderful sweaters in which you will want to cuddle. And with its slight halo and its pale colours, it will be an excellent way to lighten a colour that is a bit too vibrant for your taste.

What you need to know about this yarn:

  • Weight: Lace
  • Composition: 72% mohair, 28% silk
  • 209 meters / 25 grammes per ball for the semi-solid colours, and 420 meters / 50 grams for the trademark “blue” colours
  • Available in 11 semi-solid shades + a speckled and a tie-dye blue
  • Needles: 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm (or more if combined with another yarn)
  • Gauge: depends on the size of your needles
  • Handwash

Kokon Yarns’ Kidsilk Mohair has its place on our list of yarns with a cuddly potential! Thanks to its fluffy feel and its delicate colours, you will find yourself wrapped in a cloud of softness. Actually, it would be perfect, maybe knitted together with the Merino Fingering of the same brand, to knit yourself a Sur un Nuage*!

Quite new, this yarn has not a lot of projects on its Ravelry page yet. Maybe you will want to add your own?


*”Sur un Nuage” means “On a Cloud” in French.

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