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Note: this book is available in French only.

Gifting something that has been created stitch after stitch is a real proof of love. Even if the outsiders do not realize it, we, knitters, know that all too well! And thanks to the Lain’amourée’s book, Tricots Duos, you will be able to show your loved ones how much they mean to you even more.

As its title clearly means it, this book is all about knitting “for two”. You will find there twenty-four patterns, to make garments and accessories, each working in pair, and each pair being linked by a single design element.

Julie, Lilicommetout’s founder, was thrilled to take part to this adventure, and designed a shawl with its baby blanket counterpart. But you will also find there (or discover) the universes of eleven French-speaking designers, all well-known: Emilie Luis (Atelier Emilie), Nadège Chenu (Nanoulili et Cie), Marion Mursic (Marion Em Knit), Cloé Saingery (The Knitting Bunny), Marie-Amélie Madignier (Maremelade), Cécile Dissais (Que Font Mes Mains), Nadia Cretin-Lechenne (NCL Knits), Audrey Borrego (Yarnflakes), Melody Hoffmann (Mandarines Design), Lolita Duby (Lolilafee), Aurélie Tixier (Une Poule à Petits Pas).

With Tricot Duos, Lain’amourée offers beautiful project ideas, to be shared with your family and your friends. Curious? You can find all the patterns from the book on their Instagram profile!

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