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You would love to have a Knit Pro blocking set, but you do not have room to store those long rods? Good news! Lazadas has put together a blocking set that fits in a very small box!

Indeed, Lazadas managed to put its sets in a box that fit in your hand thanks to super-flexible cables. Those cables can be bent in every type of shapes but are resilient enough to straightened once released. And of course, they are rust-proof. Combined to practical T-shaped pins, they make a perfect tool to put in shape all your projects. And all this without taking any room once stored!

Beware: those sets contain nickel plated parts. We do not recommend this set if you are allergic to this metal. Other blocking options might be more suitable, suc as the blocking combs sets, with their plastic handle.

Three types of sets are available: mix, short or long. The “short” sets are perfect to block small or medium lengths, such as sleeves, sweater or cardigan parts or shawlettes. On the contrary, the “long” set will be more your thing if you create bigger pieces, such as blankets or stoles, or cuddly shawls. And of course, the “mix” set is an in-between!

The sets contain:

  • mix : 4 x 90 cm long cables, 3 x 180 cm long cables, and 30 T-shaped nickel-plated pins;
  • short : 10 x 90 cm long cables and 30 T-shaped nickel-plated pins;
  • long : 5 x 180 cm long cables and 30 T-shaped nickel-plated pins.

Blocking is an important step, as it helps reveal all the beauty of your work. But we also know it can be a PITA. With this Lazadas blocking set, you will be able to put everything into shape very easily. You will just have to slip a cable along the edges of your project, or inside the stitches of the points of your shawls. Then, you lightly stretch everything if necessary (for example to open lace motifs), and you pin the cables down to keep them in place. Voila! Simple, quick and efficient.

And if you think you will need more pins than what is included in the set, you can find some here.

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