Lili Comme Tout Row counter



Manual row counter handmade with love in my workshop.

The row counter is made up of 10 rings, 1 of which is black in the 5th position (to count more quickly), each with a colored pearl and the first with a charm, then a carabiner with pearl and charm.

Operation: the row counter is positioned at the start of the turn, it replaces the marker ring at the start of the turn. In the first round the needle will be slid into the 1st ring, then in the 2nd round the needle will be slid into the 2nd ring etc. In the 10th round, we will put the needle in the 1st ring, then we will hook the carabiner in the 1st ring: the rings mark the units, the carabiner marks the tens (ex: if my carabiner is in the 3rd ring and the needle in the 4th, I am at row 34).
The carabiner can also be used as an open marker ring to mark a link.

Each piece is delivered in a reusable sliding metal box 5 x 2.5 cm in the colors of Lili Comme Tout.

They exist in a wide variety of colors and charms, but you can also order tailor-made row counters, to your taste (and choose a different packaging), this option is available in the shop.

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