Lykke Crochet Hooks Set

Whether you are an occasional hooker, or crochet is your favorite technique, you will love using the Lykke crochet hooks set.

Made of birchwood, these beautiful crochet hooks have been treated with the same process as the Lykke knitting needles. That way, they have the same “driftwood” aspect, and the same “black and wood” color code than the rest of the brand products. Actually, their size are written on the base of each crochet, which is marked with a black ring. Plus, this treatment is not only made to make them beautiful: it also gives them this smoothness so typical of the brand.

Just like the needles, the Lykke crochet hooks combine eye pleasure with hand comfort!

You will receive your crochet hooks in a high quality synthetic leather case. Thanks to its pockets (one with a zip, one closed by a magnetic snap button), it is big enought to keep all your notions with you at all times. It also has a gusset to expose your crochet hooks as if they were on a display stand. This feature is practical to keep them all under hand… and let you admire them as if they were small works of art 😉

The Lykke crochet hooks set contains:

  • 10 crochet hooks: 3.5 mm, 3.75 mm, 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6 mm, 6.5 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm ;
  • a black textured synthetic leather case.

With their modern and comfortable design, the Lykke crochet hooks are a tool you have to try!

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