Lykke Crochet Hooks



Lykke’s crochet hooks, made of birchwood, have the very specific look that makes the brand recognizable. They are very pleasant to use, whether occasionally or for every day crafting.

Just like the other products of the brand, these crochet hooks are treated to have a « driftwood » aspect.  More than an aesthetic process, this treatment also gives Lykke’s products a very specific smoothness. The birchwood used to make the crochet hooks becomes silky soft! What’s more, their 15 cm length makes them really handy. You will love crafting with them!

These crochet hooks follow the “black and wood” color code of the brand. In Norwegian, “lykke” means “happiness”: if you love the nordic design, you will indeed find that they are a pleasure for the eye! The base of each hook, ringed with black, will help you organize your tools easily, as their size is engraved in it.

The crochet hooks are available in 13 sizes, from 3.25 to 10 mm. With such a range, you must find the one you need! And if you are interested in buying several of them, know that some are sold as a set.

Combining optimal comfort and modern design in a unique way, the Lykke crochet hooks will soon become part of your favorite tools!

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