Lykke Fixed Circular Needles



If you like knitting in the round, but are not a fan of interchangeable needles, give the Lykke fixed circular ones a try!

These needles follow the color code specific to the brand. With their beautifully finished needle tips that look like driftwood and their black cable, they are completely in keeping with the nordic aesthetic trend, so pleasing to the eyes. It is not a coincidence if Lykke means “happiness” in Norwegian 😉

Just like the interchangeable ones, the fixed needle tips are made of birchwood. The proprietary treatment used by Lykke not only gives them their distinctive aspect, it also makes them amazingly soft and smooth for wood needles. The cable – tips joint adds to the feeling of knitting comfort. Your stitches will flow!

The fixed needles are available in 3 lengths:

  • 30 cm (12″) ;
  • 40 cm (16″) ;
  • 80 cm (32″).

The 30 cm length is ideal for all the small diameters such as the sleeves. You will enjoy using the 40 cm if you knit baby clothes or hats. And the 80 cm are just the basic length useful for all circular knitting! What’s more, they exist in 17 sizes, from 2 to 9 mm, a really large range. That way, you will always find the needles you need, for every project.

Thanks to their modern design and their handiness, the Lykke fixed circular needles will quickly become your favorite knitting needles!

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