Lykke Interchangeable Circular 5″ Needle Tips



Care to add a bit of happiness to your knitting life? Why not give a try to the Lykke interchangeable circular needle points!

Indeed, Lykke means “happiness” in Norwegian. And if you like beautiful tools, which combine aesthetic and handiness, the “driftwood” finish of their product will make your happiness! Paired with a black cable, these birchwood needle tips are elegant, with a “nordic design” flair, so trendy… a real treat for the eyes!

What’s more, the “raw wood” aspect that can impress you as rough is misleading. Actually, these handcrafted needles, made by Nepalese artisans, are extremely soft to the touch. The proprietary treatment used by the brand, which gives this unique color to the wood, also makes them soft as silk. With their high quality cable – tips joints, your knitting will be so smooth you will not see the stitches flow.

These tips are the longest of the range, with their 5″ (13 cm) length. They are available in 11 sizes, from 3.5 to 11 mm. Matched to the signature cables of the brand, they will follow you in all your projects. And if you already have some Knit Pro pink cables, know that they are compatible, even if they have a different feeling than the Lykke ones.

And if your favorite color is blue, just take a look and see how pretty they are in the Indigo colorway. They also exist in 3,5″ (9 cm) if you would rather knit with shorter tips: here in the natural colorway, and there for the indigo one.

And if you already know that you will love these Lykke interchangeable circular needle tips, why not take the plunge and make yourself a beautiful gift ? The complete sets are available in 3 different colors: natural, indigo blue or amber. The most difficult thing will be to make a choice!