Lykke Interchangeable Circular 5″ Indigo Needle Tips



You love blue and you are dreaming of finding knitting needles in your favorite color? These Lykke interchangeable circular needle tips in the Indigo colorway will make you swoon!

In Norwegian, Lykke means “happiness”. And once you will have tried them, you will be forced to admit that they really are worth their name! The birchwood needle tips, with their unique driftwood finish, is indeed pleasant to the eye. And even more in this beautiful indigo blue color!  If you are one of the persons who finds that their crafting pleasure increases by using beautiful tools, you must try these needles.

Add the tactile pleasure to the visual experience, and your knitting happiness will know no bound! These needle tips, which are handcrafted in Nepal, are indeed surprisingly soft. Thanks to the proprietary process used by the brand to treat the birchwood, the Lykke interchangeable circular Indigo needle tips are particularly smooth under the fingers. Plus, the cable – tips joint is seamless: you will litterally not see the rows flow!

These 5″ (13 mm) needle tips are available in 11 sizes, from 3.5 to 9 mm.

You can use them with the black cables specific to the brand. However, the Knit Pro pink cables are compatible with them, but, if you compare, you will find that they have a different feeling when you have both in hands.

You prefer the wood in its natural color? Take a look at these needle tips in the original colorway, they well might seduce you 😉

And if you are completely under the spell of Lykke’s interchangeable circular Indigo needle tips, why not splurge and gift yourself with a complete set? They are available in 3 colorways: indigo blue, natural and amber.