Lykke Interchangeable 3.5″ Indigo Needle Tips



You dream of the Lykke interchangeable circular needle tips in their Indigo color, but the 5″ are too long for your taste? You would rather knit with the so handy shorter needle tips? Good news: the Indigo needle tips also exist in 3.5″ (9 cm)!

Enjoy Lykke’s unique aesthetic with these needle tips, made of birchwood with the exclusive driftwood finish of the brand, this time tinged with blue. Shorter than the classical ones, they are both smooth and handy. Not only the finishing treatment gives them this beautiful special aspect, but it also gives the wood the softness of silk. Plus, the smoothness of the cable – tips joint will help you knit seamlessly row after row and increase your knitting speed!

The needle tips can be screwed on the black cables of the brand. They are also compatible with the Knit Pro pink cables, even if both cables feel different in your hands. Note: the shorter tips are the only ones that can be used with the 40 cm cables. So if you are interested by this needle length, for example if you like to knit baby clothes or hats, the 3.5″ needle tips are the ones you need!

These needle tips are available in 10 sizes, from 3.25 to 7 mm.

If you need several sizes and cannot decide which ones you want most, the Lykke interchangeable circular Indigo needle tips also exist as complete sets. These sets are in fact available in 3 colors: indigo blue, natural, and amber.

And if you are not a fan of the blue color, the needle tips are also sold by the pair in the natural colorway. You will find them here.