Merchant & Mills Black Tailor Shears



You cannot spend a day without thinking about sewing? Treat yourself to a pair of Merchant & Mills tailor shears, a tool worthy of your passion!

From its beginnings in 2010, the brand stressed the quality of their products. When you have committed to give back to sewing a place in the society, it is the least you can do! Actually, the philosophy underlying the conception and manufacturing of these shears is quite clear: “buy once and buy well“! Merchant & Mills founders think that a good pair of sewing scissors must stay with you for your whole life. That’s why they partnered with a leader on this market. Sheffield-based, the manufacture is more than 250 years old and well-known for the quality of their products.

These tailor shears, with their chromium-plated blades and black coated handles, are specifically made to cut fabric. Their 20 cm length and 300g weight gives them sharpness and handiness, whereas the 25 cm ones and their 550g will bring stability for every long length you have to cut. You will love them!

What you need to know about those scissors:

  • 20 cm long or 25 cm long;
  • weight : 300g for the 20 cm, 550g for the 25 cm;
  • handcrafted in England  ;
  • chromium-plated blades with corrosion protection;
  • the blades can be sharpened if needed.

These Merchant & Mills tailor shears are a real investment, as you will keep them for a long time. To keep them in a good state, be careful to use them only to cut fabric, and to wipe them off with a soft cloth every time you use them. If you follow these advices, your scissors will be your best sewing friends for the rest of your life!

And if you are looking for shears that have a bit more grip, to use with fluid fabric, the red extra sharp ones should interest you!

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