Merchant & Mills Chenille Needles


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Success sometimes depends on details, and if these Merchant & Mills chenille needles can feel like details, they certainly are also a good tool to ensure the success of your sewing and embroidery projects!

Why are they labeled “chenille”? That’s because at first, those needles were made to sew plushy and heavy fabric, such as chenille velvet. The eye of these needles is larger than the classical fine sewing needles. That way, you can use them to sew with heavy threads. But they also are perfect to do embroidery!

You will receive an mix of 10 needles of different sizes. They are stored in a turned wooden case, printed in black. Practical, it will protect your needles, whether you leave them at home or take them with you. You will not lose them anymore… nor find them back stinging yourself on them!

If you need fine sewing needles, you will find them here. And if you want to add some notions to your sewing or embroidery case, you will find several products of the brand there!

Merchant & Mills “chenille” needles are a summary of all that the brand represents. Quality and style, all in an object that fits in your hand!

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