Merchant & Mills Leather Needles Wallet


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If you like to sew and / or embroider, and if you like beautiful and practical objects, this Merchant and Mills leather needles wallet will speak to you! The brand’s founders have set themselves a goal: restore the image of the art of sewing. With this in mind, they have worked to propose a range of products both modern and timeless, practical and beautiful, of high quality and ethically developed. This small leather object, engraved with the brand’s name, does not look like much but is, in fact, really practical. It will help you keep within reach your sewing or embroidery needles, and a pair of small scissors. With it, you will stop losing or bending your needles, or worse, poke yourself on a stray needle! It measures 8 cm x 9 cm. Just the right size: you can slip it inside a pocket as it does not take much place, but it is big enough not to lose it again and again. The leather is sourced from cows raised in decent conditions in England. It is then tanned and handcrafted locally. You will receive a pair of baby bow scissors and a packet of 25 assorted sewing needles with your leather needles wallet. A modern sewing kit, perfect to mend anything or sew your prettiest buttons in style! You will receive it in a beautiful kraft cardboard box, suitable for gifting.

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