Merchant & Mills Red Extra Sharp Tailor Shears



If you think that having a good pair of scissors is important when you sew, we could not agree more! That’s why we have selected Merchant & Mills extra sharp tailor shears. Even if they look a lot like their black handled cousins, the extra sharp scissors have a little extra. In fact, the inside of one of their blades is micro-serrated, which give it a better grip while cutting your fabrics. You will favor them if you are used to work with very fluid fabrics. They will also be easier to use to cut curves, or when you work on narrow pieces like shoulder straps, or to grade seam allowances. Like all the scissors of the brand, they are forged from high carbon steel. It means that they are really resistant. In fact, it is one of Merchant & Mills mottos: they only sell durable tools. And it is doubly true for their scissors, which are made to last you a whole life!

Please note: unlike the tailor shears with smooth blades, you will not be able to have the red extra sharp shears sharpen. They are available in 2 sizes:

  • 20 cm (8″) including 9 cm blades, weight: 300g ;
  • 25 cm (10″) including 12,5 cm blades, weight: 550g.

How to choose? It will depend on what you want to do with them. The shorter ones are particularly handy to cut notches, seam allowances, and you can even keep them near your sewing machine to cut your threads as you go. The longer ones will be better to cut long straight lines more quickly and more easily.

One thing is for sure: which ever option you choose, these extra sharp Merchant & Mills shears will be your sewing partners for years!

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