Merchant & Mills Tape Measure


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Which tool do all the knitting and sewing addicts collect? The tape measure of course! And if you are looking for a traditional one to add to your collection, Merchant & Mills’ tape measure is the one you need.

Understated yet efficient, it picks up the black and white code of the brand. Indeed, Merchant & Mills graphic identity relies on these two colors, mixed with natural materials. That is what gives to their products their unique aesthetic, which inspires both modernity and professionalism.

Made in Germany, this tape measure is graduated both in centimeters and inches. It is 1m50 (60″) long.

The Merchant & Mills tape measure will join the tools that you always keep within reach. And if, some days, so much black-and-whiteness depresses you, we can propose you another option. Why not add a bit of whimsy to your notions pouch and fall for one of our so cute retractable tape measures too?

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