Merchant & Mills Thread Clips


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In the “beautiful and practical tool” category, we are asking for the Merchant & Mills Thread Clips!

This small tool is, we heard, the tailor’s best friend (apart from his or her dog). It is indeed one of those accessories that you will find next to almost all sewing machines. It event seems that some professionals never leave them aside: they keep it on their third finger, at the ready, and use the rest of their hand and fingers to work threads and fabric. Others keep it attached on a strap around their neck. Everyone has its own way of keeping it within reach!

When creating Merchant & Mills, its founders have set themselves a goal: take part in the rehabilitation of the art of sewing. They also have set two credos: style and purpose. Style, intended to attract new adepts, is found in the brand’s aesthetic, which reflects its values. Purpose, subtler and completely in tune with the times, is to develop a product range that is sustainable, made to create a wardrobe that will be sustainable too.

With this in mind, Merchant & Mills thread clips have been designed to combine aesthetic and sturdiness. It is made of chromium plated steel, in Sheffield, in the same plant than the brand’s scissors. More than 250 years of experience are used to make them!

This thread clips measure 12 cm (4,5″). The brand’s name is engraved on the blade. It comes in a beautiful black and white cardboard box, suitable for a gift.

You do not like to use a thread clip? Maybe you can take a look at the “Wide Bow” scissors, which also are a very good alternative.

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