Merchant & Mills Wide Bow Scissors


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If there is one tool that you always need while knitting or sewing, it is a good pair of small scissors. Merchant & Mills’ Wide Bow ones will soon become one of your essentials!

Whether knitting, or sewing, or embroidering, we indeed always have some undesirable bits of threads to get rid of. Not a single project without needing to cut some!

Sharp and pointy, the Wide Bow scissors also have large handles to accomodate comfortably your fingers. A bit bigger than the Baby Bow ones, they measure 10 cm (4″) long. Just like all the scissors of the brand, they are handcrafted in Sheffiels, England. The matte black finish and the engraving of the brand make them really elegant. But they are nonetheless efficient!

These Merchant & Mills Wide Bow scissors, with their modern design and sharp blades, will soon become one of your favorite tools!

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