Merchant & Mills Xylan Tailor Shears



When sewing, the resulting garment depends a lot on the way you cut your fabrics. For a precise and easy cut, treat yourself to these Merchant & Mills Xylan tailor shears! Merchant & Mills’ products are made to last. Their scissors are made in an English factory, based in Sheffield for more than 250 years, and leader in their field. Merchant & Mills’ motto concerning their scissors is clear: “buy once, buy well“! If you buy one of their tailor shears and treat them right, they will last you a lifetime. These tailor shears are no exception. The matte black aspect, so modern, comes from the Xylan* that they are covered of. More than en aesthetic feature, this coating increases both their durability and their efficiency. In fact, they were first designed to cut carbon and leather. Just imagine how easily they will cut through fabric!

These scissors are available in 2 sizes:

  • 20 cm (8″), including 9 cm blades, weight: 350g ;
  • 25 cm (10″), including  12,5 cm blades, weight: 500g.

Make your choice of length according to your future use. If you sew clothing or accessories, with small or medium sized pieces, curves, notches… you will like the 20 cm shears, as they are lighter and handier. But if you need to cut a lot of long straight lines, the 25 cm, which are sturdier and heavier, will be a better option. A little advice for the care of your scissors: do not forget to wipe the blades with a soft cloth after each cutting session. That way you will keep them in good condition.

Whether you choose to buy the 20 or 25cm, we are sure of one thing: you will keep the Merchant & Mills Xylan tailor shears for a long time!

You would rather want a more traditional pair of shears? You can find them here.

*Xylan is a polymer widely used to reduce friction, protect from wear and corrosion and for its non-sticky properties.

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