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You like beautiful leatherwork and want the best to keep your WIPs and other tools essential to your favourite craft? You will love Muud, with its carefully thought range of pouches, bags and cases!

A small Danish business, this brand indeed offers a wide range of organizers, made of the most beautiful leather. Inspired by scandinavian aesthetic, Muud’s pouches, bags and cases are designed to be both simple yet elegant, timeless all the while very practical. Plus, their smallest details are hand-sewn, thus guaranteeing impeccable finishes. The high quality of the materials and of the production of each piece make them particularly durable. You will be able to enjoy your bags for a long time, even more as the leather will acquire patina over the years.

We have thus selected for you several products of the Muud brand, which should be able to cover basically all your needs: small cases and pouches, needles organizers and project bags and pouches. Most of them are available in two colours: whisky and black.

Small cases and pouches:

  • Helsinki: a very small, cylindrical, pouch closed with a zip. This way, you can keep all your little knitting treasures safely in it: wool needles, stitch markers, tightening keys…
    Dimensions: height: 6 cm, diameter: 8 cm
  • Rock: a higher version of the Helsinki pouch
    Dimensions: height: 9.5 cm, diameter: 8.5 cm
  • Malmö: case for measuring tape,closed by a snap button. Ultra-cute and ultra-practical, it will keep your measuring tape neatly coiled. Plus, you can easily fasten it on any bag or pouch thanks to its ring.
    Dimensions: height: 3 cm, depth: 4 cm, circumference: 2.3 cm
  • Espoo: scissors case, closed by a snap button. It will protect your favourite scissors’ blades in style!
    Dimensions: width at the top: 3.5 cm, width at the botton: 2 cm, height: 8 cm
  • Bergen: small flat pouch, closed by a snap button. With its dimensions, it is perfect to keep your favourite stitch markers, row counters and other little treasures!
    Dimensions: height: 9 cm, width: 8cm
  • Dust: flat pouch, closed by a zip. With its strap placed on the back, you can keep it easily in your hand, or fasten it to a removable shoulder strap for example. And its zippered inside pocket is perfect to store all your notions.
    Dimensions: height: 16.5 cm, length: 23.5 cm, lenght of the strap: 17 cm.
  • Wind: a smaller version of the Dust flat pouch, without strap but also closed by a zip. With its pocket, it has the perfect size to keep all your knitting essential and easily fit in your project bag.
    Dimensions: height: 13.5 cm, length: 17.5 cm

Project bags:

  • Saturn: cylindrical project bag, closed by a zip. With its handle and numerous pockets both inside and outside, this bag is perfect to keep your small nomadic WIPs. Plus, thanks to the design of its closing system, that let the yarn go through, you can just slip it on your wrist and go on with your knitting, keeping your yarn safely tucked inside.
    Dimensions: height: 20 cm, diameter: 16 cm
  • Saturn XL: a larger version of the Saturn project bag, that comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. Its dimensions make it the perfect bag for holiday knitting, for example. Or just to keep your larger WIPs, like sweaters or cardigans!
    Dimensions: height: 28 cm, diameter: 21 cm
  • Shadow: project bag shaped like a “beauty case”, rectangular, with a centered zip. With its multiple inside pockets, all around and on the top, this funny little case will be perfect to store all your notions and / or your current WIP.
    Note: the small Helsinki pouch shown on the photo is sold separately.
  • Show: flat shopping bag with handles. Ideal to take anywhere with you everything you just cannot live without, wether knitting related or not!
    Dimensions: height: 40 cm, width: 37 cm, length of the handles: 30 cm
  • Stavanger: small bag with a shoulder strap and a dual zip. With its well-thought shape and closing system, plus its inside and outside pockets and multiple compartments, this little bag is really practical to take your current WIP everywhere with you in style!
    Dimensions: heigth: 16 cm, width: 26 cm, length of the strap: 130 cm
  • Lofoten: big shopper bag, closed by drawstrings. The perfect way to combine handbag and project bag! The ideal two-in-one, and your forever favourite…
    Dimensions: height: 26 cm, width: 32 cm, depth: 14 cm, length of the shoulder strap: 130 cm
  • Lofoten XL: the size XL of your favourite Muud bag!
    Dimensions: height: 42 cm, width: 52 cm, depth: 15 cm, length of the shoulder strap: 130 cm
  • Vegas XL: large “bumbag”, with adjustable belt. With its inside zippered pocket, 2 front zips and back zippered pockets, this bag is the perfect nomadic knitting bag!
    Dimensions: height: 21 cm,  width: 48 cm, adjustable belt up to 117 cm
  • Arendal: handbag or shoulder bag, with removable and adjustable shoulder strap. Fitted with an inside pocket, a big front pocket and a zippered smaller one on the back, this beautiful bag will keep your projects with class in any situation… and can also double as handbag if need be!
    Dimensions: height: 35 cm, width: 34 cm, depth: 5 cm
  • Nyköbing: backpack with adjustable straps. Really practical (and kind of cute too!), this bag is full of pockets: a double one on the front, a zippered one as well as several compartments inside and 3 zippered ones on the outside.
    Dimensions: height: 37 cm, width: 37 cm, depth: 12cm

Needle organizers:

  • Stockholm: a case specifically designed to keep interchangeable circular needles, closed by a snap button (with 2 positions, to be adjusted depending on its thickness). Entirely made of leather, it can take up to 12 pairs of needle tips. It also has 3 big compartments, to store your cables and your fixed circular needles of small diameter, as well as a big zippered pocket, perfect to keep your notions.
    Dimensions, open flat: 32 x 39 cm
    The organizer is first folded in two lenghtwise, then again in two. This way, it becomes really compact.
  • Oslo : flat pouch with compartments, closed by a snap button. Perfect for example to keep your double-pointed needles. It features 6 compartments, designed to store needles from size 2.5 mm to 5 mm.
    Dimensions: 22 x 19 cm
  • Trondheim : flat needle case, closed by a zip. Versatile, it can be used to keep interchangeable circular needles as well as double-pointed ones, or short straight needles. It also features two pockets closed by a snap button, to store your cables and / or notions.
    Dimensions: height: 25 cm, width at the bottom: 22 cm, at the top: 16 cm
  • Göteborg: flat organizer, designed like a portfolio, closed by a zip. With its numerous compartments and pockets, it is perfect to store all your knitting tools and notions, as well as your circular and / or double-pointed needles. Plus, its dimensions allow you to keep your printed knitting patterns inside without having to fold them.
    Dimensions: height: 32 cm, width: 26 cm

With such a choice, you must find the perfect partner(s) to follow you in all your crafting adventures! Bags, pouches and cases, Muud offers a range of products made of high quality leather, that you will enjoy for a long time.

But if you are not a fan of leather, we also selected several other brands, all offering high quality items. You can find them all here !

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