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We do not know how you feel about that, but, thinking about how much time we spent to knit or crochet something, we want them to last a long time! That is why we asked Amandine, a French soap maker who is also a knitter, to develop a range of soap especially made to take care of wool items, containing a high percentage of lanolin.

Lanolin is a fat naturally produced by the sheeps. Looking like a wax, it coats their wool and gives it water-repelling properties (and that is why you can go out in the rain in your wool sweater without it being immediately drenched. Scottish fishermen do not wear traditional aran sweaters just for fashion!). This wax also protects the wool. But if you wash your woollens with something that is not appropriate, this protection will disappear. So, using a soap with a high percentage in lanolin is recommended to take proper care of them!

The lanolin and castor oil that are used to make this soap will indeed take care of the fibers of the wool. This way, the projects you have slaved on for hours will be pampered, and stay as beautiful as when they fell off your needles!

How to use this soap?

Soak your woollens in lukewarm water. Lather the soap under the water stream. Leave your garment in the soapy water for an hour or so. Rinse it with clear water (being careful of the temperature to avoid felting). Then squeeze out the excess water without wringing it. You just have to let it dry flat, and voila!

Note: this soap is to be used with wool only. If your project has a high content of alpaca, mohair, silk… or does not contain wool at all, this soap is not adequate.

What you need to know about this soap:

  • completely natural product, with 20% of lanolin
  • hot process soap, handcrafted
  • weight: about 110 grams
  • dimensions: about 2,5 x 8 x 5 cm
  • available in 4 fragrances, chosen to keep moths away: cedar, lavander, lemongrass and rosemary. It is also available in a neutral version, without perfume or essential oil.
  • ingredients list: coconut oil*, olive oil*, shea butter*, water, glycerin, lanolin, castor oil*, essential oil* (for the scented versions)
  • up to 50 washings if used properly

Be careful: if you are allergic to lanolin and / or to particular essential oils, these products contain both!

With this specifically formulated natural soap, you will take care of your wool projects as you would of your own skin! (maybe even better 😉 )

And if your projects still tend to pill, we have another thing for you! Indeed, the Gleener razors are a must have to keep your knitted items as beautiful as when you first finished them 😉

*Ingredients from organic sources.

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