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You would like to try the Nettle Sock Yarn, but you would rather knit non-superwash wool? You just found the perfect yarn with Onion’s n°3 Organic Wool + Nettles!

This beautiful yarn is indeed the cousin of the “sock” one. They have quite the same weight, and also have the same colour palette. But here is the big difference: this yarn has not been superwash treated. This way, it is made of nettle fiber, of course, and of organic wool.

Nettles is used here to take the place of the nylon or acrylic that is traditionnally used to strenghten the natural fibers. Thus Onion offers a 100% natural yarn, with the same durability. Indeed, this Danish brand is well known for its ecological and ethical choices. So finding an alternative to the synthetic fibers is completely in line with their core values, and nettle is perfect for that!

If it is used for its durability, nettles fiber also gives a light sheen to the yarn, quite similar to what silk would do. In fact, in the past, it was called “the paupers’ silk” as both fibers have a lot of characteristics in common, except for their price.

And as nettle fiber takes the dye differently from the wool fiber, the pretty colour palette of the brand becomes lightly heathered. This yarn is really a treat to knit and to wear!

What you need to know about this yarn:

  • Weight: Fingering
  • Composition: 70% organic wool + 30% nettle fiber
  • 160 meters / 50 grams balls
  • Available in 15 shades
  • Needles: 3 mm
  • Gauge: 24 stitches x 34 rows = 10 cm
  • Handwash

With its neat stitches definition, Onion’s n°3 Organic Wool + Nettles d’Onion is really a beautiful find, one of those surprising yarn that we cannot wait to put on our needles! It is always kind of fun to see how our fellow knitters look at us when we tell them we are knitting something they desperately try to eradicate from their yard! And by the way, if you want to see what it looks like once knitted, here is its Ravelry page 😉

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