Pascuali – Alpaca Royal



A softness akin to cashmere, with a softer price… tempted? Because that is what Pascuali offers with its Alpaca Royal.

If baby alpaca fiber does not actually comes from baby alpacas, royal alpaca does! This exceptional fiber, one of the rarest, has a diameter less than 19.5 microns*. We are talking here about a yarn that has a finesse and a softness almost identical than the cashmere ones!

Its pure white colour is another of its characteristics. The brand has chosen to showcase it by not dyeing the fiber, but instead blending it with 20% of baby alpaca, that gives the yarn its colour naturally. No artificial colours, for a completely natural yarn in neutral colours that can easily compliment any piece of your wardrobe!

Plus, you will benefit from all the properties that make alpaca fiber a real treasure: thermoregulating, light-weight yet warm (thanks to its hollow structure), hypoallergenic (as alpacas do not produce lanolin), breathable…

What you need to know about this yarn:

  • Weight: lace
  • Composition: 80% Royal Alpaca, 20% Baby Alpaca
  • 133 meters / 25 grams per bal
  • Available in 5 natural shades
  • Needles: 2.5 mm
  • Gauge: 31 stitches = 10 cm
  • Handwash

With its Alpaca Royal, Pascuali offers you to put an exclusive yarn on your needles, a cashmere soft blend at half the price of cashmere yarn. It will make beautiful accessories, aerial, light and with the trademark drape of alpaca yarns. But if you are looking for the real thing, the brand has also thought about you. Actually, you can find its Organic Cashmere yarn here!

In need of more information, or of project ideas? The Ravelry page of the yarn can give you both!


*The downy hair coming from the winter coat of the goats, that is then treated and spun into cashmere yarn, has a diameter equal or less than 19 microns.

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