Printed Pouch and Socks Knitting Kits



Gift idea! We offer you a beautiful pouch in a limited edition, alone or in a sock knitting kit with accessories and/or balls of yarn, for you or for a beloved knitter in your life. This printed pouch will be perfect to take a small project everywhere with you. With its high quality heavy cotton fabric, and its sturdy zip, it will follow you everywhere… Or will beautifully accomodate your current WIP on a corner of the kitchen table or of the sofa. Indeed, the pretty artwork of Marion Em, illustrator, knitter and designer, brings up moments of leisure and relaxation. Just imagine sitting on a porch or a patio, listening to the songs of nature, with only one decision to make: knitting or reading? And, of course, with your feet toasty warm in your favorite pair of hand-knitted socks 😉 It is precisely this peaceful moment that Marion has so well depicted here. And we offer to share this with you thanks to a serie of kits created around this pretty illustrated pouch.

What do you find inside the kits?

  • a heavy cotton fabric pouch (407g/m²), zippered, dimensions 19 x 18 x 9 cm, printed with a limited edition artwork by Marion Em for Lili Comme Tout ;
  • a mini needle gauge that doubles as mini-ruler, made of wood, shaped like a sock and with Lili Comme Tout logo (available in those kits only) ;
  • 2 balls of Sisu yarn by Sandnes Garn: find all you need to know about it and the choice of colours here (please tell us in the “note” section of your shopping cart which colours you want) ;
  • a socker’s rule, which offers all kind of useful information for the sock knitter: you can find more information here.

Several versions of the kit are available:

  • the pretty pouch alone: 12.90€ ;
  • the pretty pouch + 2 balls of Sisu by Sandnes Garn*: 20.90€ ;
  • a pretty pouch + a mini needle gauge / ruler: 22.90€ (au lieu de 24.90€) ;
  • the pretty pouch + the mini needle gauge / ruler + 2 balls of Sisu by Sandnes Garn*: 29.90€ (instead of 34.70€) ;
  • the pretty pouch + a classic “Socker’s Rule” + 2 balls of Sisu by Sandnes Garn*: 35.90€ ;
  • a pretty pouch + a mini needle gauge / ruler + a classic “Socker’s Rule” + 2 balls of Sisu by Sandnes Garn*: 46.90€ (instead of 53.70€).

So, will you prefer to create your own kit around this pouch, or will you choose one of the sock knitting kits we curated for you? It is up to you! And if you have never knitted socks, Suzette is a very good teacher. If you follow her advices, you will knit up your first pair of socks without even thinking about it. Then the hardest part will be to knit something else… Indeed, once you have tasted handmade socks, you will not want to wear anything else!   *Do not forget to tell us the two colours of Sandnes Garn Sisu you want in your kit. To do so, please leave us a message in the “note” section, at the bottom of your shopping cart!

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