Knit Box Lili Comme Tout



The small box that contains everything you need for your knitting, to take everywhere, in the colors of Lili Comme Tout! Its small size fits easily in a bag or even in a pouch and you will have everything on hand.

The cover contains a magnetic strip that allows you to place markers and needles without losing them, as well as a mini post-it pad for your patterns (colors may vary).

The brushed aluminum box contains a pencil with eraser, 2 wool / sewing needles, a pair of folding scissors, a Lili Comme Tout retractable measuring tape, a mesh stopper that can also be used as a pin, a small box containing 8 homemade marker rings, 5 mini black safety pins and 10 open bulb markers (5 black, 5 silver).

You can also order the box alone to put what you want!

Dimensions of the closed box: 9.5 x 6 x 2.5 cm

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