Merchant & Mills Sewing Kit


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You want to make a gift to a sewing addict, or to treat yourself if you sew? The Merchant & Mills sewing kit is the perfect idea!

When Carolyn Denham and Roderick Field decided to create Merchant & Mills in 2010, they wanted to help rehabilitate the art of sewing, which was kind of forgotten then. To do so, they decided to work on two things : style, and purpose.

As for purpose, they want to give the opportunity to every person who sews to create a long-lasting and original wardrobe. For the style part, they created a range of high quality products, both timeless and modern, with a simple aesthetic mixing vintage references and actual codes.

Sustainability and uniqueness are both keywords here.  That’s why Merchant & Mills’ tools are known in the entire world for their quality, and recognizable thanks to their particular style.

This Merchant & Mills sewing kit contains the basic notions you will need for most of your projects:

  • 25 finest sewing needles ;
  • a needle threader ;
  • a tailor’s thimble ;
  • “Wide Bow” scissors ;
  • sewing pins ;
  • tailor’s bee wax ;
  • a tape-measure ;
  • a seam ripper ;
  • tailor’s chalk.

Everything is organized in an embossed cardboard box, in the typical colors and with the name of the brand. Each element has a dedicated place inside it. That way you will always easily find what you need!

If you think “essential sewing tools”, this Merchant & Mills kit is what you need to keep on your table. Or within reach every day! And why not complete it with a pair of tailor scissors?

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