Scheepjes – Wooden Yarn Swift



Tired of going to battle against your yarn skeins every time you want to put them into balls? Scheepjes’ yarn swift will bring hostilities to a head!

Indeed, thanks to this umbrella-type swift, your skeins will stay put during the entire winding process. You just have to attach it on the edge of a table or desk, where it will stay right in place. Then, you slip your skein around the ribs and adjust its diameter. Et voilà! No need to ask for the help of another pair of arms anymore! This way, you can make even balls of yarn, without having to deal with a mess of knots.

Made of beechwood, it is available in two finishes: natural or two-tones.

What you need to know about this yarn swift:

  • umbrella-type swift, can be easily adaptated to the diameter of any skein up to 75 cm
  • made of beechwood
  • available in two colours: natural, or natural and “rosewood”
  • adjustable clamp thanks to a screwed attachment

Scheepjes’ wooden swift will become your best friend when it comes to make yarn balls from skeins! When used with a ball winder, you will be able to make quickly even cakes of yarn, without ending with a mess of knots on your hands. But it will also be useful if your prefer the slow rhythm of winding yarn by hand, a great way to begin a new project, in keeping with the philosophy of knitting. And in this case, why not combining it with one of Geo-metry’s Turtles?

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