Scheepjes – Yarn Dispenser


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Enough of having to crawl after the yarn balls that tend to roll away from your favourite knitting spot? Pin them! Not with actual pins, that will not solve anything… But on a yarn dispenser, like the one offered by Scheepjes for example 😉

Indeed, thanks to this strange object that looks like something between a spike receipt holder and a paper towel dispenser, you will be able to pull on your yarn as much as you want without it trying to escape its fate. You just have to slide it on the golden rod and voilà! It will rotate around this axis and unwind easily. This way, even if you are an energetic knitter that cannot help but pulling a bit vigorously on your yarn, the ball or cake will stay put. Uninterrupted knitting time for you! Well, at least unless you have a kitten that loves wool as much as you do… Sorry but we do not have any remedy for this situation!

The yarn dispenser works for pre-winded balls of yarn as well as with cakes made from skeins.

Thanks to Scheepjes’ yarn dispenser, you will thus be able to enjoy fully your knitting or crocheting pauses… Even if you find yourself taken by the action of your favourite show 😉

Not the right solution for you? Maybe you would rather like a yarn bowl, like this Knit Pro one. Or if you are more of the nomadic sort of crafter, why not give your yarn a cute Skein Coat or an elegant leather Cocoon?

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