Kinki Amibari – Seeknit Cables Connectors



If you do not want to buy one cable of each length, you can avoid it by using the Seeknit cables connectors.

Indeed, those small connectors are used to join together 2 cables, so that you can have a longer one. They will for example be perfect to try on your sweaters while you knit them. Or to lengthen the cable you use to knit a big shawl as you go!

The connectors are available in the 3 standard types of the brand:

  • M1.8, for the needles from 2 to 3,25 mm;
  • M2, for the needles from 3,5 to 5 mm;
  • M4 for the needles from 5,5 to 10 mm.

You will receive a set of two connectors of the same type, to be used only with the Seeknit cables.

In the same way, you will undoubtedly like the cables adapters. They indeed are used to connect type M1.8 cables to type M2 needle tips, and type M2 cables to type M4 needle tips. Another small tool that will help you avoid clutter (and potentially gain some money too!).