Kinki Amibari – Seeknit Shirotake Interchangeable Needle Tips



If you like bamboo interchangeable circular needles, why not give Kinki Amibari’s Seeknit Shirotake a try?

These needle tips and their accessories, with their clean design, are made of high quality bamboo. The Japanese brand Kinki Amibari uses Moso and Madake bamboo, specifically selected for their sturdiness. The company turns it into finely crafted needle tips using a century old handcrafting tradition. That way, their surface are surprisingly smooth, really soft under your fingers.

Kinki Amibari has been run by the same family for the last 4 generations. Proud of its handcrafting traditions, they use them to create high quality products at an affordable price. But they also are aware of today’s concerns, especially the environmental ones. Indeed, choosing bamboo as their prime material does not only relate to tradition. It is also the choice to work with a sustainable material, resistant, with a low environmental impact, and a way to protect the local forests (bamboo being really invasive, harvesting it directly in the forests helps the other vegetal species to have more space and grow better).

How to chose your needle tips?

Seeknit Shirotake needle tips are available in 4 lengths:

  • 5 cm, from size 2 to 6 mm;
  • 10 cm, from size 2 to 10 mm;
  • 12,5 cm, from size 2 to 10 mm;
  • 14 cm,from size 2 to 10 mm.

Just like ChiaoGoo, the needle sizes are classified according to 3 types, that define which cables you will need:

  • M1.8, for the needle tips from 2 to 3.25 mm;
  • M2, for the needle tips from 3.5 to 5 mm;
  • M4, for the needle tips from 5.5 to 10 mm.

To further complete your equipment, you can also use the adapters, cables connectors and cables stoppers of the brand. These very practical accessories will have to be chosen depending on the needle size too.

Want to try them? There are mini-sets especially made for that! And if you are sure that you will like them, and need several sizes, why not splurge for one of our mini-kits to give them a try, or for one of our complete kits?