Socker’s Rule



You love knitting socks and keep the feet of your beloved ones toasty warm, yet it is sometimes a struggle to find a way to check the fit of your on-going project? This tool is your saviour! Actually, thanks to the Socker’s Rule, you will not need to wrestle with the intended recipient of your knitting to be sure to create socks that fit.

Quite ingenious, this rule, made of birchwood, offers a double graduation: in centimeters and in inches. Its particularity lies in its form. Indeed, you will be able to slip your on-going sock on it. This way, you can see exactly where you are in one look. Plus, a size chart has been printed on each side, featuring feet sizes and measurements, both in English sizes – inches and European sizes – centimeters.

What you need to know about this rule:

  • Graduated rule featuring all the information you need to knit socks that fit
  • Handmade in birchwood
  • One side with European sizes given in centimeters and one size with English sizes givent in inches
  • Dimensions: about 7 cm x 30 cm
  • A ring is provided so that you can hook it to your project bag
  • Comes with an instruction leaflet (in English)

Note: this rule is available in three versions :

  • the standard Socker’s Rule: features only the graduations and size charts (UK sizes: men’s 5 to 12 and women’s 3 to 11 ; European sizes: men’s 38 to 47, women’s 36 to 44)
  • the complete version, Socker’s Rule +: features the same graduations and size charts, with a needle gauge for sock needles (from 2 to 3mm) and a reminder of how to do the kitchener’s stitch to close your socks’ toes
  • for the little ones, the Socker’s Rule for children: on the same principle than the standard Socker’s Rule, it features the specific sizes for the little feet (UK sizes: 4 to 13 + 1 to 3 ; European sizes: 20 to 36)

With the Socker’s Rule, you will add to your knitting paraphernalia a tool specifically designed for the sock knitting fans. Well, let’s be honest, we all know how this type of projects can become addictive! Thanks to it, you will have the excuse you need to knit socks for all your family and friends! And if you want to find the best tools for this, or indulge in some beautiful sock yarn*, you can find our selection here.


*Remember, sock yarn is not stash yarn! No need to feel guilty then 😉

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