SOS Box – Woolship Limited Edition


You may already know our SOS Box, a must-have in a lot of project bags! Indeed, it contains all the accessories you need to knit any project. Well, to celebrate the release of our first auto-published book, Woolship, we have created a new version, a limited edition of our SOS box! We designed it to compliment the book, and it is exclusively available in the box set.

This limited edition of the SOS box contains:

  • a round box with 10 closed stitch markers shaped as “drops” + 10 removable markers shaped as “bulbs” in rose gold + 2 pink Tulip tips protectors
  • a mini SOS bamboo crochet hook by Seeknit to easily rework your stitches if they stray or if you made a mistake
  • 4 Tulip wool needles to sew in yarn ends or sew your project parts together
  • a big safety pin to use as a stitch holder for example
  • a Flox (one of your all-time favourites!!!)
  • a pair of mini scissors
  • a pink retractable tape measure (cm/inch)

All this in a sturdy little metallic case, the perfect size to fit in any project bag and to take it everywhere with you!

If you need a little pick-me up, this Woolship SOS box is a perfect way to splurge. A limited edition (50 only!) of a practical object that you will love to use every time you knit, is there a better thing to splurge on? And to do so, it is with the book box-set: here !

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