The small box that contains everything you need for your knitting, to take everywhere, its small size fits easily in a bag or even in a pouch and you will have everything at hand.

The cover contains a magnetic strip that allows you to place markers and needles without losing them, as well as a mini post-it pad for your patterns (colors may vary).

The box contains a pencil with eraser, a mini test tube with cork stopper containing 2 wool / sewing needles, a pair of folding scissors, a Lili Comme Tout retractable measuring tape, a mesh stopper which can also be used as a pin , a small box containing 8 homemade marker rings, 5 mini safety pins and 10 open bulb markers (5 black, 5 silver).

Dimensions of the closed box: 9.5 x 6.5 x 3 cm

There are 2 models of boxes: the white with a red cross on it or the red with the inscription “SOS” in white.

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