The Knit Kit



Lili Comme Tout is proud to present the Knitter Swiss knife !

In this ingenious tool, everything you need for knitting is gathered ready to follow you everywhere, because there is always something missing right near you, let’s be honest!

With it, you won’t have any excuse! Just put it into your knitting bag and be ready for any eventuality !

You will find :

  • a row counter
  • a crochet hook
  • a thread cutter
  • a retracting tape measure
  • a needle gauge
  • folding scissors
  • removable stitch markers
  • point protectors
  • a darning needle

Row counter, thread cutter and tape measure are included into the tool; the crochet hook is insert on the side; scissors and small accessories are stored in the back compartiment, which is closed by the needle gauge.

Everything is cleverly arranged ! There is also a tiny hole on the top to allow you to add a chain or other to hang it anywhere you want!

Available in two colors: Patti Pink  (fuchsia) or Color Block (Turquoise on the front, purple and fuchsia on the back)

Measures : approx. 12 x 9 x 1,6 cm

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