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Crochet is your favourite hobby, and you are looking for THE ideal crochet hook? With its Etimo Red range, Tulip comes quite near to perfection in this domain, and they even offer them as a set!

Indeed, the brand is well-known for its ergonomic crocheting tools. Actually, the handle of their Etimo pink crochet is on the list of the most comfortable on the market. If you have already tried it, you know that it helps crocheting during hours without feelin pain and fatigue in your hands. Well, you will find this handle on the red range too!

But Tulip also wanted to go a step further when talking about comfort of use. That’s why they decided to paint the head of their new crochet hooks in a matte red shade!  Thanks to it, light does not reflect on the metal part anymore, so that the eyes feel less tired. Clever, isn’t it?

This crochet hooks set contains:

  • 8 Etimo Red crochet hooks in the following sizes: 1.8 mm, 2 mm, 2.2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 3.5 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm;
  • a small plastic rule;
  • two wool needles;
  • a cute organizer made of red dotted fabric.

This set of Etimo Red crochet hooks by Tulip contains everything you need to start your next project right now! You just need to choose your yarn and pattern (if you need one). Here at chez Lilicommetout, we love granny blankets with a modern feel, such as for example the Sunny Spread, but they are quite demanding in time and work… But who knows, maybe with the right tools, we will finally try and find some time to make one?

You would rather try one crochet hook before splurging on a set? Or you think you will need another size, not included in it? You can find them by the piece here. And if red is not your favourite colour, you can still find the pink ones there 😉

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