Twig & Horn – Crossbody Canvas Bag



A handbag big enough to take our stuff everywhere, doubling with a project bag… a knitter’s dream come true! And that is what Twig & Horn made with their Crossbody bag.

Indeed, this canvas bag has been specifically designed for us, knitters! With its large size, it can easily carry everything you need everywhere you go. But here is the cherry on the cake: it also hides a removable zippered pouch to take your WIPs! Perfect for every nomad knitter!

This pouch is indeed a real project bag, with its eyelets that let your yarn comes through. There are four of them, so that you can use it even if your current project involves colorwork. And with its sturdy zipper, your yarn will stay put inside it, and not end up in a mess at the bottom of your bag. Plus, this knitting pouch is fastened to the inside of the bag thanks to snaps. This way, you can take it out when you are at home. But once you have it fastened inside the bag, you can easily knit, without it dropping at the bottom, and without having your yarn wrapped around everything inside.

What you need to know about this bag:

  • Dimensions: 38 cm w., 35 cm h., 20 cm d.;
  • Available in 5 colours: Camel, Olive, Natural, Charcoal and Black;
  • Colour of the lining and removable project bag: Natural;
  • Body of the bag, lining and project bag: 100% cotton canvas;
  • Straps: leather;
  • Shoulder depth: about 27 cm;
  • Adjustable and removable strap: about 60 to 117 cm long;
  • Removable project bag using a system of snaps, closed by a zipper, with eyelets to let the yarn go through;
  • Made in the USA.

Twig & Horn’s Crossbody bag is a high quality product, with beautiful finish, and specifically designed for knitters. Plus, with its neutral colours, you will be able to easily find a place for it in your wardrobe. The ultimate in terms of accessories! 😉

And to make sure your yarn balls and cakes do not end in a mess of knots, you can even slip them in a funny little skein coat! This way, even if you are working on a project using several colours, they will all stay separated.

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