Twig & Horn – “Dumpling” Leather Pouch


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Popular wisdom says that we can never have enough pouches. Do you agree? This excuse seems better anyway than “it was so cute I could not resist”! Yet, both are equally valid when it comes to Twig & Horn’s dumpling: this itty bitty leather pouch is actually a cute way to keep small treasures!

So, Twig & Horn chose to call these pouches”dumplings”, and we must say that the name is fitting! With their small size and curvy form, they actually fit inside your hand. But they also are large enough to keep some little things that are essential to a knitter’s life. For example, stitch markers, wool needles, needle tips protectors, all those things we always use but never know where to put between projects will find a place in this pretty pouch.

These dumplings are made from leather scraps. Talk about recycling! It means that the texture and colour of the one you will receive can vary. What does not change though, is the quality of the work put to create these pouches. Indeed, Twig & Horn is well-known for the beautiful finish of its products.

Each leather pouch is about 10 cm long, 6 cm high and 6.5 cm depth.

This dumpling by Twig & Horn is calling your name, but you have no idea of what to do with yet one more pouch? Why not use it in another way? After all, it would make a nice coin purse, or a practical way to keep your earphones too…

And if you like this type of products, you can take a look at Muud‘s range of accessories. There again, you will find top quality things, to be put on a gift list, for yourself or for your friends and family!

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