Twig & Horn – Stay Warm Labels for Knitting Projects


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If you are looking for a “little extra” that will give a professional finish to your hand knits, you are on the right page! With their label specifically designed for us, knitters, Twig & Horn offers just what you need.

Indeed, these woven lables are just the thing your projects miss to get out of the ordinary. This way, in just a few minutes and a few sewing stitches, they will upgrade from “that thing hand knitted at home” to “this artisanal product”!

We are kidding, of course, but we must admit that they are rather pretty, these labels, with their modern typo and minimalist design. And well conceived, with their flaps at the top and bottom. This way, you sewing stitches will be hidden behind. Plus, they have just the good size to fit your bigger projects as well as your lighter accessories. You will feel like sewing them on every project as soon as they will fall of your needles! (and they could even be a great motivation to weave in your ends, who knows?)

What you need to know about this product:

  • set of 3 labels;
  • woven labels, with flaps at the top and bottom to be sewn easily;
  • inscribed “Stay Warm – Hand Knit”;
  • dimensions: l. = 5.7 cm x h. = 3.8 cm.

We cannot say if you feel the same way, but when we see a label saying “Stay Warm”, we just want to cozy up inside our latest FO… Quite a good thought from Twig & Horn, isn’t it? Actually, it is often the case with them: they do find THE little things that every knitter will not be able to live without. You do not believe us? Take a look at the products we have selected for you. And you will soon understand what we mean! But beware: we cannot be held responsible if you splurge 😉

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