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If there is one thing that we, knitters, always use, it is stitch markers. You can find them in all sizes, forms and colours, but if your favourites are the simplest ones, Twig & Horn stitch markers pack contains all the types you can need for your next project!

If the outsiders have almost certainly no use for these small metallic rings, knitters can tell another story. Whether you use them to point out where to increase and decrease, or to delineate a motif, or just to mark the beginning of a row, stitch markers are essential to avoid making mistakes.

These ones are rather simple, and will attract you if you have a thing for minimalism and clean design. This way, they also do not catch on your yarn. Plus, they are easily recognizable by the touch if you knit without looking at your needles.

And once you have finished your project, you can just put them back in their vial, and slip it inside your project bag. Or maybe keep it next to your favourite knitting spot? It is so cute that it can absolutely pass as a curiosity in your home decor!

This pack of stitch markers contains:

  • 20 large round markers, for needles up to 6 mm;
  • 20 small round markers, for needles up to 3.25 mm;
  • 20 removable stitch markers, about 2 cm high, for needles up to 6.5 mm;
  • two colours: white and grey;
  • made of metal (raw for the grey ones, painted for the white ones).

With this pack of stitch markers, Twig & Horn offers all the types of markers you might need for your next project. Their simplicity is for some of us an asset. But if you want to add a bit of whimsy to your knitting, you can find a larger choice here.

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