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You love cute stationery items, but you have a hard time finding things reprensenting your yarn and knitting passion? Twig & Horn has thought about you and created a set of Display of a set of three rolls of washi tape designed by Twig & Horn on the “yarn and knitting” theme on this theme!

If you are one of those persons who can’t resist filling up your cart, virtual or not, everytime you cross a stationery shop (disclaimer: you are not the only one!), you certainly have already been frustrated by the lack of items related to your favourite theme: knitting! You have to agree that it is rather frustrating to thrift through a large selection of masking tape to finally select a few of them, without finding THE perfect one for your most used notebook (your knitting notes journal, of course!).

Thanks to Twig & Horn, no more frustration! Indeed, in their constant quest of the little something that will best answer the needs of every knitter, the brand offers now a set of washi tape rolls, specifically designed for us: yarn balls, sheeps and knitting power. It is all we needed to see to add it to our selection here.

Easily removable, these light adhesive paper rolls will fit in your accessory pouch without taking much place. You can use them to add a bit of fun to your notebooks or folders (especially those that keep your knitting patterns and notes!). But they will also be practical to, for example, mark the place where you stopped in your pattern. Sometimes you don’t want to write on it, because it is inside a book or a magazine. Just stick a bit of washi tape on it, et voilà!

What you need to know about these masking tape rolls:

  • set of three rolls in assorted patterns
  • “yarn ball”, “sheep” and “knitting power” motifs
  • easily removable
  • perfect to illustrate your crafting journal, bujo, folders…
  • useful to keep in mind where you are on your printed pattern without spoiling it (magazine, book…)

With their cute yet not syrupy patterns, Twig & Horn washi tape rolls will soon find a place of choice in your stationery collection… and your tool case! Whether the one where your store your knitting accessories, or your pen case, you will feel the need to keep them within reach at all time… and to stick them everywhere!

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