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Here is a riddle for you: what is almost impossible not to collect, and falls in the “can always be useful” category? Nope, it is not stitch markers. Not yarn either. We of course want to talk about pouches! So, what will be your excuse not to splurge on this Twig & Horn pretty printed pouch?

Indeed, it has everything for itself. Let’s just make a list:

  • perfectly sized to take all your little nothings, large enough to put everything in it yet not too large so as not take too much place in your bag,
  • also ideally sized to take a small WIP with you, for example socks or a hat, and be a cute little project bag,
  • a clean, simple and modern design, completely in keeping with the aesthetic of the brand,
  • a beautiful vegetal print, with a natural feel accentuated by the colours and the raw aspect of the cotton fabric,
  • a sturdy zip, to store safely all your small treasures,
  • a spot clean treatment, to avoid worrying too much about cleaning it,
  • and as usual, the well-known quality of Twig & Horn products!

Quite a few good arguments in the “oh yeah” category, don’t you think?

What you need to know about this pouch:

  • 100% heavy cotton canvas, spot-clean treated;
  • Dimensions: about 23 cm l. x 15 cm h.;
  • A design especially created by the brand, with a plant and feather motif reminiscent of nature;
  • Printed and made in the USA.

Just like we said: this pouch has everything for itself!

You collect pouches and project bags (you are not alone!), or you still have not found the perfect one? Take a look at our choice, we found some little gems for you!

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