Wooden Sock Blockers


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Hand-knitted socks lovers, this one is for you! Thanks to these openwork wood blockers, you will be able to easily put your socks into shape.

Blocking your knitted projects is an essential step to show all the beauty and regularity of your stitches. As for the socks, using a specifically designed blocker, and these ones above all, has several advantages.

First, they will dry more quickly thanks to them. Actually, both sides of the fabric being separated, the air flows more easily around them. It is even more the case as the wood is cut in openwork patterns. Plus, the top is shaped as a coat-hanger, so that you can hang them.

Another advantage is that you will be able to put on your socks more easily. Sometimes, the socks that come right off the needles can be a little tight. But blocking them loosens them just a bit.

And if you like to take beautiful pictures of your projects, choose a pattern that is part of your universe. This way, your socks blockers will become a complete part of your photographic compositions!

What you need to know about these socks blockers:

  • handcrafted in Poland, on demand, in a high quality wood
  • available in 3 sizes: S = French 35-37 (UK 2.5-4), M = French 37-39 (UK 4-5.5) and L = French 39/41 (UK 5.5-7.5)
  • available in several patterns: butterflies, flowers, cats, owls, seasonal… and more!
  • shaped as “coat hangers”, to let you hang them and make your new socks dry more quickly

Note: the blockers with “flowers” pattern we received in the last shipment did not have a coat-hanger top, just a basic one.

Thanks to these wooden socks blockers, you will be able to get your latest projects in shape. And as they will dry more quickly, you will also be able to enjoy them more quickly… and be lured to begin another pair immediately! As you surely already know, sock knitting is incredibly addictive. So if you also need to complete your sock yarn stash, please take a look at our favourite brands, that you will find here!

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